Question about Nutra PEA

  1. Question about Nutra PEA

    I just recieved the PEA i ordered along with a bunch of other stuff i wanted to try it out i ordered the 3 gram one but when i opened the tub there was some crystalized clumps basically everything was crystalized and the clumps were quite hard, i have never bought PEA before so i dont know what it usually looks like but this cant be right especially since you have to measure it out to such an exact dosage i dont feel like i can do that with this.

    I attached an image dont know how well you can see it with my cell phone camera but really just wondering if this is how it normally looks i dont want to take it if its bad or whatever and shaking the container didnt get away the big clumps.

    Alright the picture didnt work let me try taking a better one and upload that
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  2. Bulk form from NP looks crystallized. I've been around PEA for a little while now, and when I bought bulk from NP, that's how it looked. Just as potent as the other forms out there.

    Just mash down the clumps.

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