Citrus Dew flavorring????

  1. Question Citrus Dew flavorring????

    hey guys wonderring if this stuff covers bulk bcaa and Peptopro enough..... i hate buying so much damn crystal light...

  2. BCAA's, yes, but I do not know about the PeptoPro.

  3. how well does it cover bcaa, i usually use 15g bcaa in 16oz water, which takes 1 packet of crystal light, which usually makes 1qt..... to give an idea of coverring tastes for me

  4. To be honest, I have not used it personally in that regard, but the feedback for masking BCAA's was/is very positive.

    You do, however, seem to require a crap ton of flavoring! I am sure Citrus Dew would work for you, but at the amounts which you are using crystal light, I do not know how cost effective the citrus dew would be.

  5. or how cost effective the CL is either LOL

    well uve never had peptopro then stuff is rank..... like sour gym socks, 2 scoops which is 60g needs 1qt* of crystal light flavorring, im sure i could get away with less on the bcaa,

    curious as to how much citrus dew would = 1 packet(enough for 1qt) of Crystal light i guess

  6. Citrus Dew is pretty similar to Crystal Light from my experiences. Didnt do a direct direct comparison though, I Just know they were almost the same.

  7. I bought some citrus dew for masking BCAA as well. It works pretty good. However I cannot compare it to crystal light as I haven't used that method. Also, sorry, but I forget my measurement ratio right now. I think like 5g BCAA and maybe 1/4g citrus dew. So ya, it does cover BCAA but cost vs crystal light I couldn't help you out.


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