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    FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, get your hands on the NEW & EFFECTIVE PerformaStrips VB-12 (5mg/24 Stips), brought to you by the proud makers of ThermoGum! This product is notorious for a quick "pick me up" energy booster, as well as mental alertness, while also freshening your breathe all at the same time!

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    Quick Overview:
    PerformaStrips VB-12 is a unique, effective portable and potent new supplement design. VB-12 uses the potein bioactive form of Vitamin B-12, Methylcobalamin, in a proprietary PerformaSorb technology Strip. Methyl B-12, the bioactive form of Vitamin B12, is essential for energy production and has been research extensively for nerve regeneration and cellular growth. The special PerformaSorb technology eliminates wasted and ineffeicient absorption by breaking down before reaching the stomach. Effects reach the bloodstream very quickly. Vitamin B-12 is an important cofactor in healthy nerve regeneration, energy production and biological function in any individual, especially vegetarians. PerformaStrips V-12 Deliver!
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  2. Feedback on these is absolutely phenomenal, and you will NOT be able to beat this deal.
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  3. These are pretty good, i'll def be picking some more up.

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