Omega Ultima... ever going to be at NP?

  1. Omega Ultima... ever going to be at NP?

    So Ultima is supposed to be at NP this week per Custom, it's Friday and still out of stock... Can we get a real update as to when it will be in stock please? And if the quantity is limited, be kind enough to state that as well. Many of us want to try it, me being one of them, and I don't want to miss another chance to get it before it is OOS for another 2-4 months.

  2. We have some sitting on a pallet in the warehouse as I type this. I'm not sure if the site has been updated yet, but it's here.

  3. Found it and picked one up

  4. Also a great time to take advantage of the 4th of July 10% off discount!



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