What happened to Poseidon/Nimbus products @ NP?

  1. What happened to Poseidon/Nimbus products @ NP?

    I used to love poseidon but can't find it on the site anymore.. nor any Nimbus products either for that matter.. All out of stock or not carried anymore =\

  2. I remember reading something about NutraPlanet dropping the Nimbus Nutrition line because it wasn't selling well.

  3. Poseidon was an amazing product that was pretty popular, surprised to hear it was dropped. Anything similar being sold at the planet?

  4. I don't think we have a poseidon substitute. I've been running low and take some ZMA to replace a few minerals during cardio, but definitely not as comprehensive.

  5. I spoke to Nutra about this, but it is gone for good.

    It sucks that I spend well over $60 a month at BB for Poseidon; I would much rather spend my money at NutraPlanet. BB does not carry the 880 tubes, which makes it even worse.

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    I noticed True Protein is no longer in the "Supplement Companies" section either. Clearly, I missed something

  7. I was a big Poseidon user when it first came out and I couldn't say enough good things and was a must and a joy to have at that time but the discontinue of Swell was really disheartening and even with poseidon being extremely volitale to moisture and receiving a few bad batches I stuck with them, I bought a berry tub flavor last week to try it out and it's just not the same, it's most likely me but a little dissapointed in the whole matter....and yes getting it threw BBing.com sucks ( it's was like 40 bucks ) I have a couple of friends that have been ordering some of Nimbus's bulk products as well as there proteins and they dig em'

    Here's what I'm using at this moment to cover my mineral/ B vitamins needs and I couldn't be more pleased.
    - MST Athlytes, which IMO a way more rounded formula for hydration/electrolytes
    - VB-12 ( the best Mb12 ever...and besides, Thermogum kicks ass )
    - Magnesium Oil
    - Zinc Picolinate
    - Chromemate

  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I used to use swell as well.

    Right now I'm taking MST's MVP + ZMK + Myco Greens... I'll also look into their Athlytes. They have a good product line, really into their stuff.

    I'm also using magnesium oil now. Wish I had years ago. Was a great find. Only problem is I don't know how much is too much to be using, or how often to use it. I just use it every other day or so and mostly apply to legs at night, about 9-12 pumps over calves and thighs.

    For B-12 I've used Pro Health's B-12 Extreme sublinguals. Expensive but potent. Is there a non-stim version of that VB-12?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    For B-12 I've used Pro Health's B-12 Extreme sublinguals. Expensive but potent. Is there a non-stim version of that VB-12?
    Have you tried these... http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/t...-24-stips.html


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