Cheaper shipping to the UK

  1. Cheaper shipping to the UK

    Is NP looking to offer a cheaper option for international shipping? Currently it is around $24 - $27 and when combined with import tax takes the cost of the supplements near enough to what they cost here in the UK.

    The only reason I ask is that has recently started offering a cheaping shipping option only costing approx $12, but with longer delivery times.



  2. I was charged 18 pounds at UK boarder!
    8 pounds VAT and 10 for admistration fees.... I am ok to pay VAT, but admistration fees....
    think twice if you want to use fedex shipping; my friend works for UK Boarder Agency told me they do check fedex packs a lot.

  3. Same here from my recent order with NP. Shipping plus tax plus admin fee comes to around $52...geez or £35. Quickly erodes the savings you make!

  4. I order my hairloss medication from the states and the supplier simply put 'samples' on the box and as a result I dont get charged tax. Can't NP offer the cheaper shipping and mark the boxes as samples too? It would be so much cheaper for us brits.

  5. theres tons of threads about international shipping, have a search. most of your questions will be answered already!
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