Order number 157065

  1. Order number 157065


    I made a mistake on the ordering and actually sent it to my old place in North Carolina. I now live full time in Virginia. I haven't Seen that it has been shipped. Could you please switch the delivery address please. Thank you very much and sorry for the trouble

  2. Lets be honest, NC is a way better state than virginia.

    granted Virginia is a better neighbor than that pretentious SC.

  3. NC is the Jersey of the south.


  5. Haha thanks for the help guys. And nc does rock. I will move back eventually

  6. I know it's sat but I hope this is reached before Monday

  7. Unfortunately CS will be closed till business hours on Monday. Did you try to contact CS directly through email or phone?
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  8. Yes I did and I left a message. I guess I should email also

  9. Hope someone sees this tomorrow morning

  10. this should be taken care of today. I would give it a little bit of the morning (wait for business hours) and see if you hear back. You can always follow up
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  11. Okay. I did email cd directly andexplained everything also.

  12. Thanks CS for the quick and easy fix this morning

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ecupirate View Post
    Thanks CS for the quick and easy fix this morning
    Awesome....glad this worked out
    Mr. Supps Board Rep


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