Est Ship Date of New NutraPro flavors

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  1. The 5 best words I've been told all day...your order has been shipped!

  2. Mine doesn't even say it's processing yet..

  3. mine shipped
    NOT an IFORCE rep, but their new VMS Protean is amazing. I also dropped 15lbs on the testabolan2 and rev2 stack last month.

  4. woot woot mine shipped today too

  5. glad to hear everything is going well on the shipping front
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  6. I can't even imaging how chaotic the shipping department is at the warehouse getting all the orders packaged up and sent out as fast as they can.

  7. They boys are definitely working overtime today. They've been pumping through a lot of orders, to say the least!
  8. TJM5054
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    So these flavors are not on backorder according to the website they are in stock. My wait would not be long then if I placed an order tonight? Just got my Oximega and Black Cats from Nutraplanet but had to wait awhile for it to ship.

    I have a $200+ order lined up. I just do not want to get stuck without my order being shipped if a couple products are not in stock. The other sites I use just send what they have in stock and notify me of my wait on my backordered product, it seems Nutraplanet does not do this however?

    Also when do you plan on getting Glycerol Mono Stearate back into stock?

  9. You are the best! NutraPro and other goodies have been shipped and are on their way to my doorstep

  10. Mine is shipped.
    Just inject.

  11. Shipped Dipped Double Chocolate Chipped

  12. my order is still processing i was hoping it would arrive before the weekend.


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