NutraPro flavors

  1. NutraPro flavors

    The new NutraPro flavors are starting to show up on nutrplanet. They show as 44.95 however.

  2. Can we have the IT guy fix it? $44.95 OMFG

  3. Prices will be going up on all NutraPro it seems.

  4. New NutraPro Flavors available for presale:
    Chocolate Graham Cracker
    Vanilla Cake Batter
    Frosted Cinnamon Bun
    Chocolate Peanut Butter

    Should be arriving early part of next week!

  5. Prices fixed.

  6. Great! Thanks so much for the quick response now I just need to decide which flavors to get. Decisions...decision..

    Quote Originally Posted by atjnutrition2 View Post
    Prices fixed.


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