1. HGH UP & Free Test Stack, EXTREME SAVINGS!

    Do you want EXTREME RESULTS, but without clearing out your bank account? Do you want EXTREME SAVINGS, but without sacrificing the real results? Then, take FULL ADVANTAGE of the HGH UP & Free Test Stack, offering nothing but optimal gains, unsurpassed results, at the LOWEST PRICE EVER, ANYWHERE!

    Benefits of HGH UP:

    • Greater lean muscle mass
    • Lowered body fat
    • Increased strength
    • Faster healing of injuries and better recovery from physical stress/training
    • Better skin tone
    • Deeper, more restful sleep
    • Increases the output of growth hormone and local IGF-1 levels
    • Increases the duration/viability of growth hormone pulse mass
    • Increases androgen receptor structure, function, and number
    • Increases natural production of testosterone

    Benefits of Free Test:
    • Positively alters 7 homeostatic mechanisms of action that effect free and total testosterone output
    • Contains a natural suicide inhibitor of aromatase, and will improve the Testosterone : Estrogen (T:E) profile while concurrently increasing testosterone levels
    • Increases NO/cGMP levels, which leads to increases in lutenizing hormone (LH) and greater endogenous testosterone production.
    • Increases testicular Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) levels. High testicular ALCAR levels are conducive to heightened spermatogenesis.
    • Lowers levels of cytokines IL-6, IL-1, and TNF-alpha- cytokines, which inhibit endogenous testosterone production by reducing levels of LH.
    • Lowers cortisol levels and heightens Testosterone : Cortisol (T:C) ratio via competitive inhibition processes.
    • Increases cAMP levels, which also increase LH levels.
    • Influences/Increases androgen receptor (AR) binding via altering receptor electro-negativity.
    • Greater lean muscle mass
    • Lowered body fat
    • Better/Faster recovery from training
    • Increased muscular strength
    • Heightened libido and sexual drive

    Regular Price: $119.99

    Stack Blowout Price: $74.99, 38% SAVINGS
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No Problems....NutraPlanet.com!....Welcome to our World!

  2. can we subsitute the hgh-up for some igf-2 instead? now that i'll buy. not everybody wants a fat loss/sleep better product, so how about it NP? FreeTest/IGF-2 and i'll submit a payment right now.

  3. Somnidren GH is waaaayyyy better than HGH-UP

  4. Quote Originally Posted by gus6917 View Post
    I agree,they are tryin to stuff HGH-UP down our throats...give it a rest...nobody cares about that crap
    Quote Originally Posted by rottie76 View Post
    Somnidren GH is waaaayyyy better than HGH-UP
    thank you fellas, i thought i was alone on this one

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