free stuff??

  1. free stuff??

    Going to order a large order form nutra...I have never odered from them before and damn prices are cheap. My oder will be close to 200 dollars. Does nutra give away any free items?? Tshirts anything?

  2. Make sure to put your request for samples, etc. in the comments section when you submit an order. You can also use a coupon 7OFF200 to offset the shipping charge

  3. thanks very much. I am a 19 year old guy and need any coupons i can get.

  4. Also I think Controlled Labs and a few others have samples you can add to your cart... look around I think they are still on the site if not sold out.

  5. ok thanks, no tshirts?? I love rocking supps tshirts and looking like a meathead.

  6. Request one in the comments box; no guarantees but occasionally they throw one in.

  7. Try to tell them your shirt size as well, hopefully they got it.

  8. Yeah they throw in shirts sometimes I ordered a shirt one time and they threw in a free shirt that was the correct size and the one I paid for was wrong Very funny and they fixed it no problem lol. NP = best company I have ever purchased from.

    Last order I got a bunch of adipoxil free without putting anything in the comment block !

  9. the first time i ordered i got a free shaker bottle and some free samples, ever since then i haven't received anything but i agree some free np t-shirts would be boss or t-shirt even though i don't think np sells or run those orders


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