ATTN: Nutraplanet!

  1. ATTN: Nutraplanet!

    Can you please some out with mocha/coffee flavored protein?

    I love those atkins coffee flavored RTD's for breakfast but they are too expensive. I simply buy them for the taste. I think they have some caffeine in them too.

    I dont know why no one sells a coffee flavored protein!

    I would buy a drum
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  2. Mmmm I'll second the motion!

    Waaaaay back, I am thinking maybe 1995-97 time frame, I believe Sportpharma Just Whey came in coffee flavor, as well as some Champion product that looked real cheesy. The Sportpharma stuff was just OK, I never bought it after the 1st time I tried it. May not have been Just Whey but the label was Sportpharma, I remember that.

  3. if it was mocha Id eat it for breakfast everyday, in shakes, oats, pancakes, and whatever else I could think of

  4. One would think that flavor would be more popular, at the gym i work at, we make mocha shakes, very popular with peanut butter to.
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  5. I liked the XF coffee flavor. I had a 10lb bag a while back.

    EDIT: I also remember it having some caffeine in it.

  6. id be down for that cant wait to try the new ones that are on their way in

  7. I just add coffee(decafe) to my morning/night protien shake it tast great

  8. fuk yes for MOCHAAAA

  9. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
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  10. ON's caramel toffee mixed with's amazing
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  11. emm...light coffee flavored protein mixed with ff vanilla ice cream and ff milk and ff cool whip! God I cant wait till prep is over

  12. I throw a table spoon of Nescafe in my protein every morning. Tastes great!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    ON's caramel toffee mixed with's amazing
    yeah but thats not mocha flavored protein

  14. A regular cup of coffee with a scoop of chocolate or vanilla is very tasty. Also, Muscle Milk has Mocha.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by gymaddict20 View Post
    I throw a table spoon of Nescafe in my protein every morning. Tastes great!
    This is a great idea.

  16. Universal's protein has a cappuccino flavor its amazing.

  17. Anything mocha I want is my coffee.

  18. Take Vannilla Protein, Nestle makes a mocha coffe syrup thing, buy then, and mix it. Only for bulking however.

  19. monster milk has mocha latte..delicious


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