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  1. damn those Labrada cookie bars on the front page look good! to bad the first ingredient is soy...

  2. Sweet, ill be on the lookout!
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  3. How was your show? Are you still in prep mode? Let us know....

    Quote Originally Posted by Quinc View Post
    damn those Labrada cookie bars on the front page look good! to bad the first ingredient is soy...

  4. *furiously checks email*

  5. Been waiting since 6am comon!!!!

  6. I honestly appreciate this heads up. I had a bunch of stuff in my cart and doing checkout last nite and I said to myself check the forum first and saw this thread.

    Much thanks! And git dat EMAIL OUT NOW!

  7. yeah lets get the ball rollin! i'm waiting to see the sales before i go workout.

  8. So......waiting.....

  9. Tis like watching trees grow...

  10. T-911 & Formadrol Extreme $19.99!

  11. I CANT WAIT!!!

  12. For all of those still waiting - go to the main page and click on "The Planet" it has a list of the sale items.

  13. Besides the T9-11 and the Formadrol, Nothing really eye catching.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by rottie76 View Post
    How was your show? Are you still in prep mode? Let us know....
    9 days out! currently eating all fresh foods every 2 hours and water. Only supplements are caffine and ephedrine hcl. Cant wait to drink a big Nutrapro shake with yogurt, oats, milk, almond butter, and a banana! oh and a couple xl ulti meat pizzas.

  15. just got it, DANG great job guys

  16. E-Mail CAME!

  17. Glad you guys got the email! Some great deals

  18. awesome deals, I am going to banrupty myself thanks to NP
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  19. You weren't kidding. This is hot. I really wish I had waited just a few more days before I submitted my last order, haha. My 29 dollar bottle of formadrol will taste richer now :P

  20. There may have been a problem with our email server and some may not receive the email. Click on the link below for the full details on the NutraPlanet Grand Slam Sales Event!


  21. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    i guess it's just me then, idk.

    i used to get samples every order, then they just stopped-haven't had a single sample in a very long time.
    You have to explicitly request samples in the comments section of your order. If you do this and they have samples available, they will certainly send you some. Sometimes, though, especially during periods of awesome sales events, they may run out of samples. In any case, you should request samples if you want to get some.
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