HATE to start this again....

  1. HATE to start this again....

    Hey Nutra Reps,
    Dont know if this has been brought up alreadyh. But BB.com sent me an e mail this morning that now shipping to Australia is 40% Lower and they have rates that start at $5 (To give you US customers an Idea we pay MIN $25 already, and much more for bigger packages)

    You should look into this! They are already far faster at shipping orders out the door, and now this...

    I much prefer the awesome sales you guys put on, as well as the professionalsim and availability of the reps so thought I had to say something!

    Sorry if someone has told you already!

  2. Hi PM

    I understand where you are coming from, and I think I can safely say that NP is always going to strive to provide the best in all aspects of customer service for their consumers. Additionally, if this is a feasible option for NP, than it will most certainly be something that will be considered.

    Thank you for your business and support

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  3. It's cause they let you use Australia post i think. Hope it helps, I dig you guys sales

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