HATE to start this again....

  1. HATE to start this again....

    Hey Nutra Reps,
    Dont know if this has been brought up alreadyh. But BB.com sent me an e mail this morning that now shipping to Australia is 40% Lower and they have rates that start at $5 (To give you US customers an Idea we pay MIN $25 already, and much more for bigger packages)

    You should look into this! They are already far faster at shipping orders out the door, and now this...

    I much prefer the awesome sales you guys put on, as well as the professionalsim and availability of the reps so thought I had to say something!

    Sorry if someone has told you already!

  2. Hi PM

    I understand where you are coming from, and I think I can safely say that NP is always going to strive to provide the best in all aspects of customer service for their consumers. Additionally, if this is a feasible option for NP, than it will most certainly be something that will be considered.

    Thank you for your business and support
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. It's cause they let you use Australia post i think. Hope it helps, I dig you guys sales

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