NMDA bulk?

  1. NMDA bulk?

    I have heard NMDA is pretty costly but curious if Nutra could find a good supply at a decent price or is the cost really so high it would be impossible to carry.

  2. I can pass on the request and see if what it looks like; however we have invested in DAA. The conversion in the body of DAA --> NMDA isn't reliably estimable, so it would be hard to get a cost/benefit comparison. There has been some bloodwork on DAA that looks overwhelmingly positive at a fair price to boot.

  3. DAA looks like its working pretty well, I ask only because I know muscle warfare sells a NMDA product and NP seems to carry most bulks. Cant wait to try DAA, have some on the way.

  4. So NMDA appears to be prohibitively expensive and also there`s some question about who, if anyone, has claim to a patent on it. So we`re just sticking with DAA for now; you can boost it up with some B-Vitamins as methyl donors and Prl control.

  5. I am curious too. A DAA NMDA stack.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    I am curious too. A DAA NMDA stack.
    From what I've read that stack could be dangerous. I can't provide a link though I don't remember where I came across it.
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  7. You would need a very good milligram scale for NMDA bulk powder.


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