Wait...whats this...NutraPro NEW flavor reviews????

  1. Wait...whats this...NutraPro NEW flavor reviews????

    Lets get it started

    CookieDough - So, I wake up on this beautiful morning looking forward to trying my first choice of new flavors of NutraPro that NutraPlanet has been kind to send me. I can't make this flavor wait any longer then to try first, so after my workout...cookie dough will be under the spotlight! This flavor has by far grabbed my attention the most out of the bunch!

    I get my pre,intra and post shakes/drinks ready first thing in the morning so I am good to go later on in the day. Poured the 1.5serving packet into my shaker not expecting much from the smell (if it was anything like choc,strawberry,vanilla) and there was no surprise there. If NutraPro was ranked on how well it smelled, it would definately fall far from the tree. Luckily, that's not the case and there are many other factors to take into account which will be noted later.

    Ever see that Sam Adams commercial where they stick their nose down as far into the glass of beer they can to smell it...yea that looked like me before sticking my nose as far down into my shaker bottle searching for that smell haha Nothing different, just a bland light choc smell.

    UPDATE - So after my brutal hammie and calves workout, I hobbled my way to the locker room for my shaker bottle with some cookiedough action awaiting my tastebuds. At this point in my diet, I can pick up on the taste of just about "anything". Throw some water in, shake and bake, (of course mixability isnt an issue cause nutrapro is the sheeet), sit down to really take it all in and be able to asses my best opinion and the first thing that came to mind was...it just tastes a bit different then the chocolate frosty. It has a very tiny different taste to it, if your looking for it (like I of course, or anyone would be), but...I bet if I were to just let someone try it without knowing what it I was...they couldnt pinpoint the flavor. Very tasty, why yes of course...but, not like I would of liked to see come of it. Would I buy a 5lb jug, yes...but not if I had chocolate laying around because the chocolate frosty could fill these shoes no problem.

    Peanut Butter - Update - So today I wake up looking forward to my morning LISS cardio. No gym today for me as its my day off. Knock out my first meal right after cardio, get things together and off I go for the early part of the day with my PeanutButter sample packet and a shaker bottle. So, I open the packet and its still the same story here for me. A light maybe dull choc smell with a tiny hint to it (nothing that would allow one to pinpoint the flavor). After shaking it around in the shaker, it seemed to of disperse the flavor system and it became apparent what flavor your dealing with. Has a very nice light, pleasant nutty smell to it after being shaken up with water. Taste is great in my opinion!!! Very light, just enough to give you that "different" flavor touch. I was coming in to this flavor wondering if it was going to be like some peanut butters that are so overpowering you feel like your battling through to finish the shake. Like a macdaddy peanut butter sandwich with no water Definately liking this one the best so far (even though I only tried 2 out of the 5 hehe), so the choc peanut butter should be a nice treat I would assume. Opposed to the cookiedough, if I had choc frosty still laying around to be used up, I wouldnt pick up a jug of the cookiedough till it was done since I felt they were quite similar. Venturing off in search to add another flavor to my lineup to change things up throughout the week, I would buy a jug of this for variety

    Orange - Update Well well well...usually they say you save the best for last right? Well, that wasn't the case how here as I left Orange for last as I really wasn't looking forward to it. WOW ! Awesome flavor, very light Orange and a hint of Vanilla in there. No Orange citrus, none of that. Totally nice mellow slight blend of Orange/Vanilla. If NP could kick up the Vanilla since no matter how strong you make it, the Orange will always seep through for that fact its such a dominant disctinctive flavor. Its funny how things work out though as I mentioned earlier about saving the best for last? It seems to of found itself to turn out to be just that unintendedly. This would be a great addition to your aresenal of NutraPro flavor line if you build up like I do at home. I like to keep several different flavors on hand at a time so I never get bored of having the same flavor over and over. Its atleast one thing I can change

    Cookies&Cream - Update Well, today I trained back and surprisingly as depleted as I am at this point, I had a sick workout. Before I left for the gym I loaded up my shaker bottle with cookies and cream. After my brutal workout, I took a nice seat to relax and enjoy this new flavor. No rich smell again, in the packet or this time even when mixed up. Obviously mixability isnt an issue. This flavor however, seems to have the strongest of the "kick" so to say. Once again, you can tell its derived from the choc base with a slight edge. THe edge it has over the choc frosty is one that won me over. Has a tad of vanilla taste to it and very mellow. No after taste, no this or that, but nor did it make me drop my jaw. I understand NP is working out the kinks and doesnt want to release something to potent but, I feel whatever they do release could use a "touch" more of whatever to make the flavor stand out a hair. Either way, another win here and would easily buy a jug of this for my stash. Choc frosty could take a back seat to this one

    ChocPeanutButter - Update Today is a nice day off from the gym for me. I have 2 flavors left to sample and decided to go with what I thought would be the better of the 2 today, saving Orange for last! Well, after a nice sexy session of LISS cardio upon waking, I then mixed together the ChocPeanutButter w/water in my trusty ole shaker. Again on the smell, nothing crazy...faint smell nothing different here. No complaints, as smell means nothing to me and taste does in this aspect. But, just putting the flavors under the microscope is all I'm doing So, after already trying the PeanutButter and liking the light PB taste it gave off, I was a bit excited to try this one. You figure...you get the best of both worlds, cant beat it right? Well...in my opinion there really wasn't to much difference here from just PeanutButter and the ChocPeanutButter. That's all I really have to say about it. Very very similar to just PeanutButter and that is that? Sure there was a small hint of Choc in there, but again it seems NP is taking the safe route (which would be the idea) and trying to create a happy medium without one flavor overtaking the other. Only problem with that...you dont really taste both flavors <shrugs> I myself wouldn't buy into this one as PeanutButter almost offers the same exact taste with better flexibility. Meaning...I can toss in my own Choc, or strawberry or what have you. Who knows...doing that may even make the flavors pop like I want them to!

  2. Ok fellas....heres who we have up to bat for NP

    Orange - Cookies&Cream - Cookie Dough - Choc Peanut Butter - Peanut Butter

    To be honest, Peanut Butter AND Choc PB, it should definately be one of the other if there is a release. Maybe NP couldnt nail the other flavors like choc graham etc, so if this is what we have to deal with in the near future...leave it up to me to help make your decision on what flavor you'll be buying into next!

    It is up to you to decide which flavor I try first!?!?

    I want to hear what flavor has your mouth watering...what flavor has you feeling like curious george???

    ME? Ive been dieting for almost 6weeks...I like the sound of just about anything right now so

  3. uhmm i want a new flavorrrrrrrr i ordered 40 lbs and 4 diff flavors, woulda got 50 lbs if there was another flavor.

  4. Are you finished eating your chicken breasts and brocolli? Ready for a dessert? I'm up for anything...but would like to see what peanut butter tastes like.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rottie76 View Post
    Are you finished eating your chicken breasts and brocolli? Ready for a dessert? I'm up for anything...but would like to see what peanut butter tastes like.
    haha aw bro, no idea...! Today was a refeed and Im putting back 563g of carbs, Im a refed happy camper at this moment!

    I'd love to kick back one of these samples right now but I really cant. Its not in my diet so, I wont be able to kick back with some feedback till after I blast my legs tomorrow!

    So peanut butter you say huh...

  6. Cookies and Cream!!! damn thats a huge refeed, i'm jealous! 4 weeks out and only doing 150grams carbs every 3days =/

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Quinc View Post
    Cookies and Cream!!! damn thats a huge refeed, i'm jealous! 4 weeks out and only doing 150grams carbs every 3days =/
    Yea cookies and cream and cookie dough are on the top of my list. But I'll try whatever flavor out first you guys want me to

    Yea 500+ is quite high, its only my second refeed of my prep and the refeeds will only get bigger! I carry my weight very well and stay lean all year round. After 5weeks of dieting Im already down to 6% give or take a hair.
    So, for someone like myself...its necessary! Ive been monitoring hourly and everything is going fine. If things keep pace my next one will be roughly 625-650g. My last refeed not to long ago was in the 400 range, all went well so I bump up another 100 or so

  8. I am mostly interested in cookie dough.

  9. If the orange is like a dreamsicle then I'm down for that just hurry up and drink them all lol

  10. lol permanabol tell me about it!

    Funny you say that though because I was thinking the same thing. Im thinking its not like an orange/vanilla combo simply because it probably would of been labeled such. Like Orange&Cream etc etc...but...no telling till I try it.

  11. So which one did you choose?
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  12. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    So which one did you choose?
    Nice to see you in here

    At this point lol No clue! Tomorrow will be my first shot post workout. Im leaning towards the cookie dough or peanut butter to make rottie squirm after I post how good it was <shrugs>

    Might flip for it (I know...corny). When I prep I try and make the little things fun and enjoyable! Keeps me sane...

  13. good deal. I am psyched to hear your thoughts on cookie dough
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  14. Sounds like the majority wants the "scoop" on cookie dough. Hey - get on it and taste both, PB & Cookie dough, not mixed together of course

  15. Yea cookie dough is seriously begging to be had...

  16. Updated Post#1 - PeanutButter

  17. nice updates so far

  18. Quote Originally Posted by permanabol View Post
    nice updates so far
    Thanks bud!

    I like to keep the viewers happy

  19. Update Post #1 - Cookies&Cream

  20. great reviews so far, nicely done
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  21. Thanks bud! I aim to please

    Especially for such a great company as NP. I look to give back however I can!

  22. Update Post#1 - ChocPeanutButter

  23. Update Post#1 - Orange

  24. This concludes my review of NutraPro. I need not say anymore about it as it is all written above! I hope those of you who have follow along or popped in here and there to read my review can take it for what its worth. I tried to best to think outside the box a bit when reviewing instead of the good ol number scale (9-tastes great).

    Thanks again NP for sending me out these samples and I hope I did you guys some justice with my spunky reviews haha Maybe there will be more opportunity in the future for myself to test other flavors or even other supplements coming around.

    Keep an eye out for my PinkMagic log coming soon as I've been chosen to log that as well!


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