Impressed again with excellent customer service

  1. Impressed again with excellent customer service

    I am not a frequent poster but I wanted to drop you all a line today to say that I am very impressed and pleased with your company. I have been ordering supps from Nutra for years now and have always appreciated their efficient business. I was more than impressed by my most recent purchase: I placed an order on March 22. Normally, I would see the order being shipped out a day later, at the latest. This time, the order wasn't shipped out until March 29. Nothing in my purchase was on backorder. It didn't bother me at all...I noticed because it was the latest any order has ever shipped out. I received my supps today and when I opened the box expecting just to see the few things I ordered, I saw a t-shirt, and extra shaker cup, and an armload of samples. Although they didn't have to, they went above and beyond to compensate for the delayed shipping.

    Good form, gentlemen! Good form indeed.

  2. nutra is the best for sure

  3. Nutraplanet really is the best place on the internet to buy supplements from........... For Shizzle...

  4. Whenever I buy supps that I cant buy within driving distance I always order from nutra

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rescue163 View Post
    Nutraplanet really is the best place on the internet to buy supplements from........... For Shizzle...
    ma nizzle....

  6. Nutra has always been good to me, and I recommend them to all my friends. Who usually get hooked themselves hah.

    And memphis, I think this is only the second time I have seen you post top that off, member since 2005 with 10 posts, thats 2 a year bud. No kidding on the rarely post bit

  7. guys, i am very happy to hear that everything went very smoothly for you guys in your purchases. Thank you for your business

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  8. Memphis, thanks for the feedback. We do our best to provide the best service in the industry.


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