NEW Product In Stock: Lean EFX!

  1. NEW Product In Stock: Lean EFX!

    Word on the street is that this product is the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD of energy and fat/loss pills! It is EXTREMELY POTENT, so make sure and take with EXTREME CAUTION!!!

    The NEW Lean EFX, get yours today, for ONLY $39.95!!

    Lean EFX: The Next Generation Thermogenic!

    LEAN-EFX™ is formulated to help reduce body fat and sculpt your body, producing a lean athletic build. Increased energy, an elevated mood, and LEAN-EFX™’s product science will put you on the path to a happy, healthier life.*

    LEAN-EFX™ is on the cutting edge of the next generation of advanced weight loss products. LEAN-EFX™ embraces advanced nutritional science and nature for a product that not only works, but sets the bar considerably higher for other weight loss products. Combine the effects of LEAN-EFX™ with a clean diet, and a little exercise; you won’t be disappointed.*

    Make excuses or MAKE A DIFFERENCE in how you look, feel, and live. LEAN-EFX™!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  2. Interesting that the packaging and designs are similar to SX.

  3. yeah hope some logs get up on this stuff soon looks like an interesting formula

  4. I've heard some good stuff
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    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  5. anyone tried this yet??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by elivvt View Post
    Interesting that the packaging and designs are similar to SX.
    I've never tried Lean EFX, but a local supplement shop owner was trying to sell me some earlier saying that it was very close to SX... Also curious to see reviews

  7. Yeah if u look at Slim Xtreme on nutraplanet it says SX is discontinued but if u loved SX then check out this stuff, and links to the Lean EFX....

  8. Hmm, have not heard much about this yet.. got to check it out!
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