Nutra's Protein-*Vanilla* *Fruit Punch* *Strawberry*

  1. Nutra's Protein-*Vanilla* *Fruit Punch* *Strawberry*


    Mixability and Consistency- 10/10
    Like Peach it was very fluffy and dissolved fully when stirred with a spoon. There were zero clumps/ lumps and I only used 5 oz. of water! So far I'm very impressed with NP's protein blend.

    Taste and Smell- 9/10
    It didn't really have any smell to note and the taste was nice 'n light and finished off well. It wasn't overly sweet and didn't have a bad aftertaste.gotta say this is the best vanilla I've ever tried! So far so good NP.

    Fruit Punch-

    Mixibility and Consistency-10/10
    It was fluffy as usual and this one melted as i poured it in my cup. I used 6oz. of water and stirred it up with spoon. As expected it completely dissolved within a few seconds.

    Taste and Smell-10/10
    Wasn't too much of a smell as powder or mixed and the flavor was kinda weak to me. Now, as subtle as the flavor was i have to say it's my favorite so far. I can easily drink this one every day and not get tired of it cause it's not over sweet or over flavored.


    Taste and Smell- 8/10
    The smell was kinda like Franken-Berry cereal and the taste was really smooth. I don't usually buy strawberry protein and from experience they are usually "medicine-like". However, this is was not the case. NP must be using some truly superior flavoring systems.

    Mixibility and Consistency- 10/10
    This one was fluffy too but took a full 30 seconds of stirring to completely dissolved like the rest.I used 6oz of water stirred with spoon.

  2. thank you for the review. It seems the consensus was that Fruit Punch is a winner
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. As I mentioned in another review, we're going to have to take a serious look at adding the fruit punch to the initial offering. Thanks for the review.

  4. Good review! and yes NP I think it would be a wise choice to add the Fruit Punch.

  5. Fruit Punch!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  6. Quote Originally Posted by gnetics18 View Post
    Good review! and yes NP I think it would be a wise choice to add the Fruit Punch.
    Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Fruit Punch!
    oh yeah baby, bring the Fruit Punch
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