NutraPlanet Brand Protein Review

  1. NutraPlanet Brand Protein Review

    I would like to first say thank you again to NutraPlanet for choosing me as one of the testers for your new protein line coming out. This review is going to be no BS. I love NutraPlanet and this is a NutraPlanet board but I will not say anything in this review that I don't truly believe.

    My rating system combines taste, mixability, ingredient profile, any side effects, etc into my grade. A 10/10 doesn’t mean it’s “very good.” A 10/10 to me means it’s the best tasting protein I have ever had. Perfection. So don’t expect all of these reviews to be between 9-10. That doesn’t seem reasonable. I am logging this review as I go (onto word), and in order.

    Fruit Punch

    Well, I really wasn't sure what to expect from this flavor. I've never had any fruit punch type flavored protein review. I first was surprised at the amount of protein and texture of it. By far the most fluffy protein powder I have ever seen. Could be due to the fact that it's fresh and hasn't settled in a tub.

    I mixed this with ~6-8oz of water. I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was much more mild than I was expecting. Nothing mind blowing here, but it was definitely solid. I enjoyed it, however, I'm not sure if I would like a full 80 serving tub of it. May get sick of it to be honest. Best part of this protein is that there is zero chemical taste and also NO bad aftertaste whatsoever.

    The mixability is ridiculous. I read some of Sam's posts about it so I had an idea it was going to mix well, but wow, he really was not kidding. Easily the quickest dissolving powder I've ever had, and it's not even close. Also, no bloating, or stomach issues, or anything of that sort.

    Rating: 8/10


    I'll start of by saying I'm not a fan of vanilla protein powders. I've had tubs of ATW, GNC, and a few samples of MyoFusion, and I just am not a fan. So I was not expecting much here.

    Mixed with 6oz of water. Again, the mixability is insane. This mixed even better than the fruit punch. Same texture, very fluffy. The taste? Well, I was surprised. It wasn't exploding with flavor but it was very pleasant to drink. I could actually see myself buying this flavor and not getting sick of it. Which I have NEVER done with a vanilla flavor before.

    It was very refreshing. best way to describe it is that, it actually tasted like I was drinking something healthy. Again, no aftertaste, no chemical taste or smell, no bloating, NO bad side effects with NP's protein!

    Rating: 8.5


    Strawberry is usually one of my staple flavors. I have bought many tubs of both ATW and MyoFusion. NP's directions were to mix with water, so I did. However, I always mix my strawberry with milk, so I am interested to see how it will taste in milk.

    Solid tasting protein. As opposed to MyoFusion (my favorite strawberry powder), this wasn't nearly as sweet. It has more of a fruity/healthy taste. It was definitely tasted well and would recommend it. More of a natural texture in the water, nothing overly thick like many powders cause. The mixability again was superb. No unwanted side effects here either.

    It went down easy and was refreshing. I would love to see how it tastes in milk, but I was impressed with its taste in water. So far, this is my favorite of the 3 and would definitely consider purchasing when they are released.

    Rating: 9 (could potentially be a higher rating in milk)


    Never have had lime flavored protein before. Not really a fan of most lime flavored things in general, so I wasn’t expecting to actually like the taste. However, it actually wasn’t all that bad. I think if I were a fan of limes, I would like this a lot. It went down smooth, wasn’t chemically or anything, and no bad aftertaste.

    Mixability and all that was par for the course. Great stuff. I was a little afraid once I smelled it in water (again, not a fan of lime) that it was going to be hard to drink it with a straight face, lol, but I again was pleasantly surprised and all was well.

    Overall, it tasted fine but there’s no way I could go through 80 servings of it. But that’s more personal preference than the actual relative taste to other lime powders.

    Rating: 7.5


    I’ve never had peach protein before. So I can’t compare it to anything. As far as the mixability goes, mixed beautifully as I’m sure you could guess at this point.

    As far as the taste… I’m just not a fan. However, if you’re a fan of peach flavored drinks, it definitely has the perfect amount of flavor in it. Nothing too overpowering, but at the same time not bland. It was pretty sweet, which I like because I am a sweet tooth. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it, but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t buy any peach protein. It was pleasant tasting and I definitely didn’t struggle to choke it down or anything, but it’s just not anywhere near as good as other flavors. Again, no negative side effects.

    Rating: 7.5


    Alright, finally to chocolate. Was most interested in this since this will probably be the jug I buy when this comes out, if it tasted well. I’ve tried chocolate flavors for GNC, ON Gold Standard, All The Whey, American Whey, and MyoFusion.

    It did. I really wanted to try it in milk too since I often mix my chocolate powders in milk. So, well, I did. I tried it water and milk. NutraPlanet NAILED this. Perfect. Not too thick, but flavor was still rich. Very good in milk. Mixability was worse in milk, as to be expected, but still mixed better in milk than any powder I’ve had. It truly did taste like Nestle Chocolate milk. One thing that annoys me about MyoFusion, is that there is a bit of chemical taste to it. Nothing like that at all here. It actually tastes quite a bit different than any other chocolate flavor I’ve tried (however GNC and Gold Standard were quite some time ago) which was very unexpected.

    Again, no bloating or gas or any negative side effect.

    I said before I started that I wasn’t going to give out a 10, but I lied. I really enjoyed this, and will be purchasing this when it comes out!

    Rating: 10

    Very solid product line coming out. The flavors were all solid. From what I’ve been reading from Sam and company, and from how the consistency appears, and dissolves, it seems as if this truly made from grade A ingredients, which is the most important part. Some of the flavors don’t suit me personally, but there was no flavor here that I would sway anyone against. Great job guys! I look forward to buying my chocolate tub right when it comes out!

    I will be posting my review, for the flavors that are released, to other boards once the line is released. I feel the review will have more effect if the reader can actually buy the protein at that time. I will make some changes to the review to include ingredients and all that good stuff once it becomes official.

  2. Awesome review. Thanks for the feedback. This really seems to be a winner
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Hmm so lime and peach tend to be on the lower end, chocolate is perfect, vanilla is so-so (but ubiquitous everywhere. hard to perfect) strawberry sounds solid too with fruit punch doing it for some people.

  4. Thanks for the straight up honest review. We knew going in that some flavors would be more appealing to more of a select market, but it's good to see that the staple flavors turned out so well.

    With the solid reviews we received, I am more and more excited to be releasing this line. There have been quite a few people working long and hard to ensure that when we stamped it with the Nutraplanet name it was absolute top quality.

    Thanks again for the review.

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