AppNut's Black Cat: PreOrder with FREE Gym Bag

  1. AppNut's Black Cat: PreOrder with FREE Gym Bag

    FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY or WHILE LIMITED SUPPLIES LAST, Receive a FREE Applied Nutriceuticals Gym Bag, with EVERY Purchase of the NEW Black Cat!!!

    Black Cats: The “Perfect” Energy Product! by Applied Nutriceuticals

    [IMG]http://www.****************/photos/19779/black_cat___free_an_gym_bag_la rge.jpeg[/IMG]

    So you take energy products…but no matter which one you take there’s a downside. Some make you too jittery, some wear off too soon; others give you a headache or lose their “kick” after just a few days. And then there’s those nasty-tasting energy shots that mess with your stomach if you can get past the taste…

    Back in the day, products containing ephedra / ephedrine were the best answer. When dosed just right, you’d be good to go for hours. But even ephedra products had their downside – you’d crash - and crash HARD.

    What if there was something that you can take safely and regularly that has no negative side effects and produces similar effects to ephedra products without the crash? We’re talking crisp, clean, long-lasting vivid energy that tapers off gradually.

    BLACK CATS from Applied Nutriceuticals is so uniquely different that it is the “HD TV” of energy products versus all others! (Which are like your grandma’s old black & white television set.)

    Take a look at the product characteristics:

    * Increases norepinephrine output for intense alertness and mental acuity.
    * Increases release of hormone sensitive lipase (HSL – a fat burning hormone)
    * Smooth, time-released energy for up to 8 hours, with no jitters and no crash.
    * Accelerates your metabolism and elevates BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate – which is the amount of energy (calories) you burn at rest.

    So what does all this mean?

    * Longer, more effective workouts
    * Better productivity in work and play
    * Greater energy to complete daily tasks
    * Positive mood enhancement
    * Incinerates body fat
    * Helps tighten skin

    Better yet, what if we told you that you could get a 30-day supply of Black Cats for the same cost as a few of those mocha-lattes from your favorite coffee shop? Plus, it won’t have all those extra calories and fat!

    Black Cat (500 mg/60 caps) Ingredients:

    Serving Size: 2 capsules
    Servings per Container: 30

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

    Propietary AN Cognastim Complex: 1000 mg

    Natural Caffeine, Cocoa Extract (Standarized to 25% Theobromine), Licorice Root (25% Extract), Naringin (98% Extract), 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, White Willow Bark (25% Extract), Bioperine (95-98% Piperine)

  2. Hopefully this product doesn't cause cardiovascular issues, seeing that they added licorice extract to it. Glycyrrhitinic acid is well known to cause hypokalemia.

    It would suck to have more scrutiny from the government because of a poorly thought out product.

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