New LG Sciences Natadrol @ NutraPlanet!

  1. New LG Sciences Natadrol @ NutraPlanet!

    The expected wait is OVER...Natadrol now available for sale at NutraPlanet!

    Natadrol is a potent muscle-building androgen found naturally occurring in our environment...

    more information here: Natadrol (120 caps) By: LG Sciences (Legal Gear)

  2. Oh yeah baby, awesome news

    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. ill be taking some of this stuff in the summer time , hope theres still good deals.

  4. How many caps do you take per day?

  5. Come Power of the Universe!!!!!!!!

  6. Wahts the verdict with Natadrol? Ive read some good things and bad things. Is this a PH or Natty test booster type supplement.

    Im ending PCT from Hrol can i jump into this next or is it a Mild Pro Hormone? I think im done with the Pro Hormones id rather go as non Hormonal as i can. I just want little to no sides (Including Gyno and Shutdown). Whats your take on this?


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