New LG Sciences Natadrol @ NutraPlanet!

  1. New LG Sciences Natadrol @ NutraPlanet!

    The expected wait is OVER...Natadrol now available for sale at NutraPlanet!

    Natadrol is a potent muscle-building androgen found naturally occurring in our environment...

    more information here: Natadrol (120 caps) By: LG Sciences (Legal Gear)

  2. Oh yeah baby, awesome news


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  3. ill be taking some of this stuff in the summer time , hope theres still good deals.

  4. How many caps do you take per day?

  5. Come Power of the Universe!!!!!!!!
    SNS Online Representative
    Maxximal @

    Got Glycophase ...?

  6. Wahts the verdict with Natadrol? Ive read some good things and bad things. Is this a PH or Natty test booster type supplement.

    Im ending PCT from Hrol can i jump into this next or is it a Mild Pro Hormone? I think im done with the Pro Hormones id rather go as non Hormonal as i can. I just want little to no sides (Including Gyno and Shutdown). Whats your take on this?


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