Question re: sale prices at NP

  1. Question re: sale prices at NP

    Is there a particular day/time that items go on/off sale or is it completely random? I ask because I was going to purchase OEP last night (at ~$30), but left me credit card in my car and just decided I'd make the purchase this morning. And when I open up NP today, OEP is at $40. Just looking for some insight, to try to keep this form happening again. Thanks.

  2. patmurray,

    We only get a limited supply of items at a reduced cost. When we receive those, we pass the savings straight to our customers in the form of sales. Because of that, when the inventory of those reduced costs items runs out, we have to put our prices back to reflect what we are paying. In your case, we more than likely ran through the reduced cost inventory. If we have a set day that a sale expires we post that information. You can always contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

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