Is NP bringing back hormonal products?

  1. Is NP bringing back hormonal products?

    Saw the full LG lineup, and MethylMass (has propadrol)....

  2. the propadrol in methyl mass is only the AI part of propadrol not the progestin. so its only the 3-ohat metabolite of 6-oxo

  3. and LGs lineup is DSHEA compliant

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sanchezgreg18 View Post
    and LGs lineup is DSHEA compliant
    thats what I thought, so hopefully other compliant hormonals will come back too

  5. We're really trying to distance ourselves from hormonals and while some may be legal at present, it's toeing the line. The decision is Sam's though, and if he changes his mind about borderline-legal prohormones I'm sure he will make an announcement on these forums.


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