Taste of L-Dopa POWDER?

  1. Taste of L-Dopa POWDER?


  2. I just got mine from BAC and will test it tonight. I'll let you know how it tastes and if it was effective (mine is 40% l-dopa)

  3. Herbal; I have always likened it to some sort of burned-tire smell but nobody echoes my weird taste buds lol. I suggest parachuting or capping it.

  4. i hate it, so i caps mine but the caps dont hold alot think i was getting 300mg in a 00 cap

  5. Definitely herbal and it lingers in your mouth for a while...ehh...but not as bad as sulbutiamine which is a must-cap.

  6. Thanks. Rottie - it work for you?

  7. OMG - yes!! Especially in the "s** department" but I also feel stronger and in a better mood. It helped with sleep but no vivid dreams like Somidren GH brings on.


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