Change of Suppliers for Bulk 1 Carboxy??

  1. Change of Suppliers for Bulk 1 Carboxy??

    A few months ago I purchased 100 grams of the Bulk 1 Carboxy and Im just now running out. A few weeks back I ordered some more, after opening it I noticed the smell and the way this batch looks is completely different. Can anyone shed some light on this for me???

  2. What exactly is 1-carboxy? I searched Science Direct and couldn't find any scientific evidence to prove that this is L-Dopa. Is it used primarily as a sleep aid?

  3. I do not believe anything has changed, it is still from USP.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  4. Can depend on the process involved, i have had mine vary in colour from dark brown to almost green.

    You can find some evidence that its basicly a concentrated form of l-dopa, nothing treats prolactin otc like 1-carboxy fort sure,
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ N2BM admin.

  5. It should still be the same supplier however I have noticed that different runs look slightly different.

  6. Its not only the look and smell, it tastes completely different too. As long as it keeps working not a biggie, I was just curious. Thanks.

  7. For how long can i store carboxy before it expires????

  8. BUMP....

  9. Well stored powders last about 2 years.

  10. would storing in the fridge extend self life at all?


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