Why can't I use my Gift Voucher AND Coupon code?

  1. Why can't I use my Gift Voucher AND Coupon code?

    I had some money left (small amount) on my gift voucher someone got me for xmas, and wanted to use up the rest, while also using a discount code, and it would only deduct one or the other?

    Kinda confused considering the voucher is like actual money, and not a "discount"...I put the order in anyway and just used the coupon code b/c it offered the better "discount"...but I feel jipped!

    Now I have a gift voucher with like $3 on it...lol

    Any help would be great!

    (Had to put order in because I needed my cycle assist)...didn't want to wait.

  2. Put the info in the "comments" box. Can't enter two codes for one invoice. If you already submitted the order, just call customer service.

  3. Yes, call or write (reply) to customer service for help resolving and redeeming your voucher.

    Thank you for shopping at NP!

  4. That should take care of your problem; let us know that things worked out.

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