ULTIMA has arrived at the planet!

  1. Arrow ULTIMA has arrived at the planet!

    ULTIMA by Omega Sports

    Omega Sports Ultima - Codename: Thunder V2

    IT STARTS HERE. THE FOUNDATION IS POURED...Trinitine™: Possibly the Greatest Creatine Ever Created!

    Trinitine™ is a patent-pending (soon to be fully patented) creatine blend with a specific ratio of electrolyte-bound creatine chelates. There has never, ever been a single creatine or even a blend that matches what Trinitine accomplishes. Its delivery, bioavailability, “bloat-free”, fully-synergistic method of execution is brilliant. Trinitine is undergoing review for multiple patents for its ingredients and tested ratios.

    The concept behind Trinitine™ is so simple, yet so very powerful and effective.

    Simply stated, your body loses electrolytes at a heightened pace during physical activity. Without replacing these vital minerals, your body simply cannot perform at optimal levels. This “electrolyte replenishment” theory is the whole concept of the world’s best selling sports drink, Gatorade®. Science has time and time again shown the validity of electrolyte replacement during exercise, with products such as Gatorade® being significantly better at optimizing hydration and performance than regular tap water.

    Trinitine™ also has an advantage over any would-be contender in that studies done by Albion Labs, the patent holder of magnesium creatine chelate (MCC), shows that chelated minerals have improved bio-availablity and utilization over regular forms of minerals. Furthermore, Albion showed that MCC was significantly superior to a blend of creatine and magnesium, further documenting the superiority of chelates.

    So it is easy to see that the soon-to-follow knock-off products will not be nearly anywhere as effective as Trinitine™, no matter how much creatine they mix with regular minerals or even mineral-based phosphates.

    Trinitine™ is also being worked out for future scientific study by a peer-reviewed journal and discussed for multiple licensing deals. The industry is taking notice. These are not empty promises. Trinitine™ is the cornerstone of ULTIMA™ and Trinitine™ is the Truth.


    How about another industry first....again. The TripHasic Blend's method of execution is genius. N-alpha-acetyl-carnosine (AACA) has never been used in a nutrition product for oral delivery. It was way too expensive and too hard to attain, and besides that, no formulators had even heard of it. Well, ULTIMA™ is about using the best ingredients and being groundbreaking...so we did it anyway.

    Carnosine is an incredible buffer in the muscle that has been shown to significantly enhance performance and strength. Most product just use beta-alanine, if any carnosine booster at all. Beta-Alanine is relatively cheap and effective, but needs to be dosed up to four times a day, according to research. A select few have, therefore, been working on a timed release beta-alanine to make more muscle carnosine with less doses.

    We took beta-alanine and went far beyond that. We added a high-dose carnosine dipeptide, and the N-Alpha acetylcarnosine (AACA) peptide to make a more effective, premium timed release carnosine booster. AACA is so unique that in that it is resistant to carnosinase, the enzyme that quickly breaks down low-doses of carnosine rendering it ineffective. This resistance gives it a long-lasting effect in the body. What you get is all day performance.

    Beta-alanine is included for a quick hit. A high dosed carnosine dipeptide kicks in for mid workout surge. And lastly, AACA for a powerful true carnosine boost all-day long. Add this blend to the most unique creatine blend ever devised and you have the best performance of your life. More Reps. Quicker muscle gains. Faster Fat loss. Faster recovery. More endurance. It is all here in ULTIMA.

    THE 2G Complex

    Glucuronolactone is one of the greatest nootropic (brain-boosting) and ergogenic (energy-producing) ingredients in the industry. Included in this formulation by the authority on the ingredient, Shawn Wells, author of “Glucuronolactone and the Athlete”.

    Glycerol is next: the volumizing, hyperhydration, performance-enhancing superstar. Add these two "G's" to Tri-pHasic and Trinitine™ and you're about to blow the roof off and bring down the house. Synergy? Absolutely. Its like this formula was created to be the very definition of that word.


    Most companies would have stopped a long time ago with this formula. But not Omega Sports.

    How about a Nootropic blend called Cogni-Five that will push your Mind-muscle connection to the limit? Faster firing. Quicker thinking. Strength to burn. Lightning reaction time. Stronger. Faster. Better.

And no one else can come close to replicating Cogni-Five; the dose of methylcobalamin alone would be more expensive than the cost of this entire product if attempted by other companies. We did not set out to raise the bar with ULTIMA™, we came to destroy it.

    With ingredients like L-Tyrosine, N-Acetyl Tyrosine, Alpha-GPC, CDP-Choline, and PEA...hold on, and forget stimulants...you'll be outlifting and outrunning all the over-stimmed and underperforming competitors. Oh and it used to be five in the beta, but we decided to kick the brain in to overdrive and rock your workout like never before.

    Methyl-8-R Complex

    The never seen before Methyl-8-R Complex pulls it all together. All of it. Remember how this is about biochemistry; about your biochemistry? ULTIMA™ is not just some hodge-podge of kitchen-sink ingredients. It is about specific pathways, specific substrates and specific enzymes that act on those substrates. Like everything else in ULTIMA™ the Methyl-8-R complex utilizes only ingredients in their most active forms and in their optimal doses.

    These eight ingredients are the fuse to the “powder keg” known as ULTIMA™. It is why ULTIMA™ will get you amped up for a workout with zero caffeine and zero stimulants. It is really that advanced. Coenzymated forms of awesome B-vitamins that turn this crank, such as Riboflavin-5-Phosphate, methylcobalamin, Formyl-THF, and Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate.

    Most companies would have stopped there, but we kept on going.

    Those coenzymes need co-nutrients to push a dedicated metabolic pathway, so we kept going so you will keep going in the gym and on the field. For instance, utilizing the single best form of zinc for bioavailability and synergy, an amino acid chelate of manganese, selenium bound to methionine, formyl-Tetrahydrofolate...not "folic acid". All of these in their most effective forms and the most effective doses. Period.

  2. finally
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. Looks good.......best thing about it, is that it does'nt have caffiene

  4. Word.

    Just a reminder about what Ultima is and is not.

    Ultima is not a kick you in the face stimulant or a crazy-arms-are-gonna-burst NO product.

    What Ultima is, is (we strongly believe) the absolute pinnacle of supplement formulation. Healthy, clean, focused total mind and body energy. Insane endurance and we actually had a guy on BB.com compare it to Dymethazine as far as strength gains go.

    If you start Ultima and are used to taking stims, it is going to take a good 2-3 weeks to get your body to adjust to the lack of caffeine, 1,3Dimthyl, or whatever. you may want to try and taper down your dose gradually so you dont completely crash the first week or so.

    Ultima gets infinitely better in weeks 2 and 3 of usage. Give it some time to top off your body's creatine and carnosine stores. You will be amazed at how easily and quickly you begin to fly through your workouts.

  5. Sounds like an awesome product.. all of your products are top notch wish this were at the Planet when I ordered for the New Years sale... Will give it a go next order

  6. Wow, first shipment sold out already! Only took 1 day.

    I'm getting more out today so there should not be any delays with orders.

    Much appreciated!!

  7. Way to go!
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  8. I just ordered two!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    Wow, first shipment sold out already! Only took 1 day.

    I'm getting more out today so there should not be any delays with orders.

    Much appreciated!!
    Why are you surprised?

    Seriously just the b12 content is worth $50US lol..

    Im buying a few tubs, just for general health!

  10. Any idea if/when this will be arriving? Pending order is waiting.

  11. In stock right now.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by AdelV View Post
    Seriously just the b12 content is worth $50US lol...
    I tend to agree.
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  13. I ordered my Ultima last night and it said 2-3 days shipping so i thought i can wait for my other stuff while i wait for this to come in! so i go and order

    Date ordered 01/25/10 at 21:31pm
    Date shipped 01/26/10 at 13:13pm

    cannot beat that!

  14. My Ultima will be here on Friday, along with recreate and oxyelite pro. I can't wait to try it all out

  15. I don't quite understand the statements about it being worth the price for just the B12? Sure, it's methylcobalamin, but Now Foods makes 5000mcg lozenges (Methyl B12), 60 for about $13. They also make a 1000mcg veresion, 100 for about $7... I saw some other brands that run about $20 for 300mg.
    Doing the math - Ultima is $50 for 300mg of B12, Now is $13 for 300mg of B12.

    ULTIMA seems like a great product, but saying it's worth it just for the B12 has me confused. What am I missing?


    Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    I tend to agree.


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