to best use.

  1. to best use.

    I took advantage of the sale at NP and picked up the small one. How do some of you use it? In water? Shake? I tasted a little and it`s like salty bleach(I imagine). Recommended dose and how to administer? Thanks in advance.
    BTW, I used to use GABA in the early 90`s. I just added it to juice and downed it before bed.

  2. I am not stating that there isn't a better strategy (someone fill me in please if there is), but personally when I use Phenibut, I just mix about 500mg-1500mg (depends on my day) in about 4 ounces of water, stir it up, and choke it down. While Phenibut doesn't taste the best, the taste doesn't seem to linger for long at all, especially with a good chaser like juice. Water works just fine, but if you would like to mask the taste, mixing it in juice is perfectly fine as well.

    Hope this helps....

    Thanks for your support!
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  3. I put it directly on my tongue and wash it down with water. It tastes real bad but prevents me from taking to often.

    Since this would be your first time, I would be interested to read about your experience.

  4. I usually just put one scoop of powder under my tongue and wash it down with a "spritzer" (wine & seltzer) It does get into your system quicker that way - very mellow, relaxed feeling follows. Let us know how it goes. Yes, it's a little salty...

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