Primaforce MEGA-SALE!!!

  1. Exclamation Primaforce MEGA-SALE!!!

    If you like Primaforce products (which you should), then you'll love them at
    20% OFF!!! That's right, for ONE WEEK ONLY or WHILE LIMITED SALE SUPPLIES LAST, receive 20% OFF on ALL PRIMAFORCE PRODUCTS, only at NutraPlanet!!!

    DON'T DELAY.....or let your spouse talk you out of it!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  2. I'd snap up some staple ZMA before it's gone. Some Geranium for your energy boost, or some cissus for your joints.

  3. What is the NP protocol when purchasing oversold items? Do they just ship when the item is restocked or what?

  4. 1-3 days means they have a shipment coming in soon and will ship when it comes in. Out of stock means the next shipment is sold out and you can't finish the order until you remove that item.

  5. Oh man, sick deal. I should have held off on placing my order yesterday.

  6. just placed a order,great deals going on!

  7. Put this awesome sale in my blog. Some pretty crazy deals going on. Like Jack3d


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