Giving Props when their due

  1. Giving Props when their due

    Well i give props and pay respect when it's due. to make this a shorter story than a longer one i will focus on getting right to the point.

    Someone at NP really went out of their way for me in regards to the New's Year sale and i wanted to say thx.

    over the past year or so i have been giving most on my business to another company. although the experience was OK, it was no where near the level of Customer Service that i receive with NP. because of one mans actions you have won a customer back. as a matter of fact, i just placed another order today.

    i work in the Customer Service field and have for years so i know when i receive good treatment and when someone goes out of their way for the companies customers as was the case here. some times at work i hear from different people that the customer service they receive from other places sucks and is $hitty and that it's also dead in this country. you those people i would say, it's not dead but rare to find. the customer service i received from NP was such an example.

    if anyone from NP would like the name of the employee, let me know. in the mean time, thank you and thank you..........

  2. There's some really great people working as CSRs. I'm glad your overall experience was positive! Thanks for shopping at NutraPlanet..

  3. thats awesome lennox. thanks for your business
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  4. thanks lennox we strive to make the customer happy! If you ever need anything drop me a line.
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  5. free shipping to aus would make me a happy chap.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by incorrection View Post
    free shipping to aus would make me a happy chap.
    having a 12" rooster with the width of a coke can would make me happy..... but that s**t isn't going to happen.


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