Pricing error?

  1. Pricing error?

    The price on the HGH UP (150 caps) + FREE NeoVar (110 caps) (1+1 Units) deal has changed to $84.99.

    That makes it $12.05 more expensive than buying the two separately (and buying separately means you get 240 count NeoVar instead of 110).

    I was planning or placing an order tonight but if this is an error that will be corrected I'll wait for the correct price.

  2. nice catch. Interested as well.

  3. I just replied to the other thread; these prices reverted to something higher. However during the sale they were roughly half this price. Just buy the individual items; I'm not sure if/when we're taking down the stacks.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Prices are back DOWN!
    Check out the Reset AD twin pack for $17.99 and more!

  5. Isn't there also a pricing error on the twin pack of cycle support?

  6. i think is over

  7. The ship quote UNTIL not fix????

    DAMN IT!


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