buy one get one sale?

  1. Cool buy one get one sale?

    is the price a misprint for the hgh up and neovar for 84.99 as well as the aspire 36 bogo and paravol or is that the price for 4 bottles?

  2. hgh up and neovar 110 ct for 84.99.

    but why not buy hgh up solo and buy a solo bottle of neovar 240ct (over twice as much) for less than 75?

    dont buy the hghup and free neovar buy them separate get way more neovar and save.

  3. im guessing thats a typo because the prices for the bogos are more expensive then buying 2

  4. They B1G1F priced have reverted back to high pricing; however during the new years sale and just before they were very cheap. Half the price shown.

  5. They are back to the sale price, thank you for bringing this up
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  6. Any Leviathan reloaded in stock BOGO? Or will be soon?
    Also DCP is stock? says Availability: ETA- 01/14-18

  7. Both the Leviathan and DCP are out of stock by the manufacturer. No ETA at the moment.


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