$.99 GMS Expired?

  1. $.99 GMS Expired?

    I received my order from the New Year Sale today that included five containers of the glycerol monstearate and I think they're expired. The contents look like paint chips. Anyone else have this problem? I know they were sold for only $.99, but if they're expired we should've been given a heads up.

  2. yeah i got them the same way with the paint ship look. I just crushed them up a bit with a grinder. but they seem to be ok to me.

  3. That is normal for GMS.

  4. No, none of the GMS is even close to expiration. We simply blew these out because of an over-stock issue. That is completely normal for GMS, it looks like waxy paint chips. Funny thing is....I know a lot of people who will literally just chew them like gum while working out, lol.
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  5. I like GMS much better as chips. Pop a few in your mouth and chew them up, then drink a lot of water to saturate your muscles.

  6. any help with the included scoop?
    what quantity does this scoop hold?


  7. if you blend the chips into a powder the scoop should be about 2 grams

  8. ok, thanks


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