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  1. Its not loyalty, its common sense and realizing that the people on the other end aren't robots.

    If you want to talk degree's of loyalty, the ones that change because of free samples in their box or not is more disturbing...or sad.

    I'm out...spending too much energy on a complete non issue.

  2. just to make sure what I posted earlier wasnt taken out of context. I am NOT crying or complaining over the fact I didnt get samples nor were the samples by any means the reason why I ordered, Like I said earlier I dont care about the samples and usually just give them away to friends, as 1 dose samples dont really provide one with an idea of how effective something is.. so again I don't mind the samples not being there, my post was just inregards to the topic of the thread and I stated that I didnt rcieve samples either (as other people were saying) and that I was a LITTLE upset with NP as it was something they advertised and then came on here and said it was OUR responsibilty to ask for the samples. But NEVER before I had a problem with NP, customer service is always great and shiping turnover times are always phenomonal (with the exception to my new year order which I didnt complain about and understood that they were busy and some items were oversold). But I was just expressing a little disappointment with NP for advertising it when they didnt have enough to give out, and if they didnt have enough to give a a couple they certainely didnt have enough to give TONS. Again not cmplaining just expressing how I feel about the situation, now I will continue to order from NP as this is really isnt a big deal, like I said they have great customer service, fast shipping, great prices, and a wide selection of products (especially bulk powders which are hard to find anywhere else), this whole sample thing is something really minor and wouldnt really effect future ordering, it was just soemthing I did not expect from NP. If they clam TONs of free samples I would imagine they would have enough to give a couple to each order, especially since they said TONS

    Hope this clears up the point I was making, Iam not complaining or saying NP tricked or dupped anyone Im just a little disappointed with how this sale was overall.

    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  3. ....Well I wish this thread didn't turn into arguments, I just wanted to let them know I very much appreciate there CS, next time I will just PM them.

    I would also like to point out that, I think customs is the biggest issue why people don't get there free Samples etc.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  4. I'll tell what I think...

    [ame=""]YouTube- Farting Preacher[/ame]

    Case Closed.

  5. Alright, I think it is time for me to chime in on this thread.

    Yes, as JD just stated, customs is notorious for nabbing samples, but I do realize there are a lot of domestic orders that didn't receive any samples.

    While I don't want to sound as if we have a million excuses for this inconvenience, I would like to explain the situation. I can promise that deception is the last thing we would ever want to provide to any our customers; we strive to provide 110% customer satisfaction, as anyone who knows NutraPlanet, knows our customers are like family to us.

    To begin with, we did in fact have tons of samples to pass out at the beginning of the sale, which we did and still are as we receive them in stock (no matter the size of the order). Though, we did underestimate ourselves and destroyed your record breaking numbers by a landslide, which was not completely expected, at least not to this magnitude. Therefore, we then kept running out of samples to pass out, but have desperately been begging for more from whoever has them to provide, even for products we don't even carry (yet).

    And, because this sale was so overwhelming and to help alleviate some of the delay, we were forced to drop-ship more than half of these orders from our distributors, meaning we had them send the orders straight out to the customers direct, as opposed to them sending the inventory to us to divide up and send out ourselves. We did not originally intend on drop-shipping any orders at the beginning of this sale, when we were marketing "tons of free samples". Unfortunately, these distributors do not include any samples in these drop-shipments (even upon our request). Though, we figured our customers would rather have their order arrive as quickly as possible without samples, then experience further delay with a few free samples.

    Trust me, if we were greedy and ignorant enough to market ourselves around these "deceptive" strategies, then we would obviously be a "flight by night" company, who would not have a loyal army of amazing customers. We would not offer rock-bottom prices, cutting into our margins and bread & butter. We would not offer free shipping on our expense. We would not have an extensive customer service team, dedicated to not just fixing a problem, but making it better than as if the problem never existed. And, we would not have the passion to better ourselves, our company structure, and overall service on a daily basis. We would not be here today.

    Again, this post was not out of a million excuses or pure reaction, but to hopefully shed some further light for anyone who feels cheated or deceived, and help everyone understand both sides of the story. We at NutraPlanet humbly appreciate everyone's patience, understanding, and continued support!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  6. NP is the truth. I should clarify that the order I did recieve samples with was actually the only order from Nutra I've ever gotten that had samples, so it just goes to show that you can't win them all, and it's ok, better luck on your next order.

    I think we can all agree that their prices, CS, and generousity outweighs any amount of samples you may or may not have gotten. I think if NP had infinite amounts of samples to give, they wouldn't think twice about giving them out; unfortunately it's not on them for how long samples are going to last. Heck, Controlled Labs samples have been out forever now as far as I can remember, but I didn't care I ordered a tub of PW anyway. Only reason I wanted to get a Green Mag sample was to see if I liked Green Apple or Lemonade better, but Green Mag samples haven't been in stock for awhile and it doesn't matter to me cuz I'll just wing it and get Green Apple and see how I like it.

    Obviously not everyone is on the same page as I am about this but I don't think this is a major issue at hand. For most products, samples aren't going to do much with 1 serving anyways, besides for maybe like stims.


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