Question about scales

  1. Question about scales

    I have made a few orders with NP and for every order I check to see if any of the scales and/or capping kits are in stock and they have been out of stock every time I check. Are you no longer carrying scales and capping kits or do they just keep selling out?

  2. Bump for info-
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  3. I hate bumping my own posts but it seems like this should be a pretty quick answer.

  4. I posted in the ETA thread about the capping kits.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    I posted in the ETA thread about the capping kits.
    I as well just bumped my post regarding scales in the ETA thread a few hours ago. Check in there often and I'm sure they'll address the issue soon. I'm in dire need of a scale too!



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