Lost my shipping options

  1. Lost my shipping options

    Hey Guys,

    Placed an order and it was set to fedex automatically from my previous purchase so that order went through fine. Then after that i wanted to know the cost differences from the shipping and i went to the option to change courier and only USPS was available, and since then i have not been able to see or choose fedex again. Whats going on?

  2. Hmm, I just did this myself and was able to select from both USPS and FedEx. You went to shipping options once you were on the checkout page right?

  3. Yeah i did it in the checkout page. ITs really strange it used to be there before but it just disappeared. Then i tried 2 other browsers and nothing in them as well, the only option that kept coming up was USPS 6-9 days or something. No other option. I shouldnt have even messed around with it, fedex was a lot cheaper for the larger style purchases i made of 1000$ plus.

  4. That happened to me too, I just sent a message to customer service to change my shipping options and went out without a glich...
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  5. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache? Cookies and everything, could be that.

  6. Yup thats what i was thinking i would have to do next, but i first wanted to get some feedback before i do that, just cos i lose some useful settings on other sites when i clear my cookies. I will try that again today when i am back at work. The only thing that seemed like it wouldnt be my cookies though was that i tried it on 3 different browsers all up and all 3 had the same problem.

  7. Agreed that cookies don't jump out as the culprit, but technology isn't my forte and I've heard of it working before for some shopping cart troubles. If that doesn't resolve it I can get you in touch with the webmaster.

  8. I have deleted cookies and wiped the cache, still no go on the shipping methods. I only have 1 USPS choice, and i think normally there is meant to be 4? 2 from USPS and 2 from Fedex..is that right?

  9. What can i do? Should i create a new account and see if that works?

  10. typically I only have fed ex options. You can try a new account and see. Let us know
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  11. Hey Guys, can someone get the web guy to look at my account, because i have no idea what else i can try to fix up the account, i only get 1 shipping option and its not the cheapest option for me generally so it pretty much means i cant order anything.

  12. pm your info over to me
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  13. Do you mean my username and password or my address and things?

  14. I am waiting for a response as we speak. Hopefully very soon, and we will see what we can do.
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  15. Cool thanks for the update champ. Would like to be able to fix it up before i place my next order .


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