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    Just called him, got a hold of him, and he will be checking in shortly.

  2. Okay gentlemen, I must admit that these coupons were meant to discount everything BUT the items on the promotional roster. The typo by omission was obviously our fault and should have been caught before the email blast went out.

    To make it right for all our loyal customers and first-time patrons, I am removing the exclusion from the coupon to allow everyone to "Double Down" on the discounts for the NutraPlanet New Year's Sale.

    However, the coupons will not apply to the following items:

    Dymatize Gourmet Protein (already lowest price available and selling virtually at cost and with free shipping on heavy items, we can't afford to discount additionally)
    NutraPlanet Bulk Powders (items are already marked 20% - 80%)

    If you've already purchased, please send an email to: support[at] and we will issue the difference in NutraBucks to your house account and it will automatically be deducted from your next order. Please remember to include the following information:
    • First, Last name
    • Order number(s)

    I sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding or confusion surrounding this oversight, and appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

    Now go spread the word and help us make up the lost margins in volume

    Happy New Year's Everyone!

    MOD EDIT: Thread cleaned up. If you have a customer service issue, then contact them as suggested.



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