Back in Stock - Just in Time for New Year Sale Madness!

  1. Cool Back in Stock - Just in Time for New Year Sale Madness!

    Trinitine (90 capsules) By: Omega Sports

    And on sale!

    Trinitine™ is a patent-pending (soon to be fully patented) creatine blend with a specific ratio of electrolyte-bound creatine chelates. There has never, ever been a single creatine or even a blend that matches what Trinitine accomplishes. Its delivery, bioavailability, “bloat-free”, fully-synergistic method of execution is brilliant. Trinitine is undergoing review for multiple patents for its ingredients and tested ratios.

    The concept behind Trinitine™ is so simple, yet so very powerful and effective.

    Simply stated, your body loses electrolytes at a heightened pace during physical activity. Without replacing these vital minerals, your body simply cannot perform at optimal levels. This “electrolyte replenishment” theory is the whole concept of the world’s best selling sports drink, Gatorade®. Science has time and time again shown the validity of electrolyte replacement during exercise, with products such as Gatorade® being significantly better at optimizing hydration and performance than regular tap water.

    Trinitine™ also has an advantage over any would-be contender in that studies done by Albion Labs, the patent holder of magnesium creatine chelate (MCC), shows that chelated minerals have improved bio-availablity and utilization over regular forms of minerals. Furthermore, Albion showed that MCC was significantly superior to a blend of creatine and magnesium, further documenting the superiority of chelates.

    So it is easy to see that the soon-to-follow knock-off products will not be nearly anywhere as effective as Trinitine™, no matter how much creatine they mix with regular minerals or even mineral-based phosphates.

    Full product info here:

  2. Should be rolling in tomorrow!

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