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  1. Question DCP Pre-sale

    Will NutraPlanet be having a DCP pre-sale? I just heard back from "dsade" and he said production is finished and all they're (RPN) waiting for is labels and that we should ask NP about a pre-sale. Any ideas?

  2. Well I would say this is a good place to ask about a presale I'll check into it, and if possible will release details. A presale on DCP would really hold things up depending on how long labels/shipping takes, but you know if its possible we'll try and make it happen.

  3. Certainly hope to see this up

  4. I would definitely like to reserve a few bottles.

  5. Well if you review my posts here, it will be easy to see that I want in on this one.

  6. I would also like to know too... Stuff worked great but is no more.

  7. Labels arrive Monday, which means Nutra should have stock by Friday. In order to put it smack into the start of the New Year's Spectacular Sale, they have opened up presales!!!!

    Thanks to Darren for popping out of his vacation to make this happen.
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