Geranium (1,3-dimethlamylamine) powder dose question

  1. Geranium (1,3-dimethlamylamine) powder dose question

    how do you measure this stuff out to the mg?

    I do not have a scale,only a food scale, and does any one know how to measure out say 10 mgs or 20?
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  2. not something you want to over-dose on. . . you can pick up a set of micro scales for like $10 off ebay

  3. Jake nailed it on the head. Micro Scales.

  4. Check the review written by Alex - he suggests dissolving the powder in water and using a syringe

  5. make sure u have a scale that measures too the hundreth of a gram or .01 g.
    and if u dissovle it in water make sure u did the math right. i bought this one time and had my scale on tenth of a gram and i thought i was taking 20mg but i really took 200mg , it was cool for about 30 minutes then i felt worse then any comedown from illegal stims, but the ****ty feeling went away after i slept it off

  6. I tend to prefer making oral suspensions with 1g of powder per 49mL of oil. It comes out to 20mg/mL.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Lots of good suggestions; you can also cap it and add a large amount of filler, just make sure the powder is very well and evenly distributed. If you aren't confident in your ability to dose properly, please consider the pre-capped version for your own safety!


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