What happened at NP?

  1. What happened at NP?

    I'll start off by stating that I've been away for over a year, and what a change.

    I went to NP and can't seem to find any drols (h-drol, m-drol, etc), nor can I find HAVOC . What the hell, lots of goodies are gone.

    Someone help me out here and tell me BIG BROTHER didn't put the screws to us again.

  2. Search for the upcoming ban.....January 4th brother.....

  3. Just precautionary. You can find that stuff around if you search.

  4. We've cleared out our PH stash due to impending legislation and to stay clear of the law. PHs were only a small part of our sales.

  5. THere are still a lot of other things out there, obviously not of the same ilk, but solid stuff none the less
    Mr. Supps Board Rep



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