Adam vcaps

  1. Adam vcaps

    When I recently bought some of these...when I opened the bottle, I noticed a power all over everything. Upon further investigation I noticed that there was 5-6 caps that were busted. Is this common amongst the NOW line? By no means am I griping, just curious. I'm forever indebted to am and the planet.

  2. not for me... i've used ADAM v-caps for a while now.. never had one busted cap. there's always some "dust" in the bottle, but never a whole cap broken.

  3. Yea mine came like that too man...but I really like them anyway haha. They don't make me feel sick to my stomach like most MV's do.

  4. I had a little powder in one bottle, but I've been through a few, and that's not a normal problem.

  5. I switched to the pills instead of the capsules... 2 instead of 3 per serving and more per bottle. Might want to make that switch and you will not have a powder issue any longer.



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