Nutra bulk products

  1. Nutra bulk products

    I'm interested in buying some bulk products to make my own homebrew pre w/o. my question is there
    Do i have to take each individually or can I mix them together in the right proportions
    for example lets say i mix one serving of a few powders that fit into scoopX,
    now can i mix , in the right proportions of course, all the servings i can make using the powders i have into one blend and dose a serving by scoopX?

    Something is telling me that this would throw off dosing, but at the same time how does every other pre workout powder work?
    And if this isn't possible is there any other options than taking seperate doses each workout?

    Thanks for the help nutra

  2. You can mix them together, as long as you mix it thoroughly so that they don't separate by density. Or just keep throwing the right amount into a glass of water then down the hatch; no problem combining.

  3. Yes, you can - just like Steve said, however make sure to not mix substances that are water soluble with ones that are fat soluble. I mixed 1,3 dimethylalanine aka geranium with piracetam and it turned into an oily mess.

  4. thanks for the help guys, placed my order with nutra, hopefully get it soon! nutra always delivers at least my experiences they have



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