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  1. Scoop Size

    Just recieved my NAC and just wondering what the scoop size was. I also just found out i need another battery for my scale.

    As a side note my parcel was sent (to Australia) on the 3rd and i got it today. Very impressed. I also love the new packaging with a scoop included. Very, Very impressed!!

    Is it just the Black Label line that has these new features?

  2. The scoop size should be one serving; if you look closely there should be a value printed on the scoop, like 1cc.
    The black label and also the platinum series have the new labels and scoops.

  3. Mine says 1.25 cc, which is a quarter of a teaspoon. For a crystalline substance or a fluffy powder, that should be about 700 milligrams. However, I recently discovered (after purchasing a more sensitive scale) that dense powders can weigh quite a bit more. There was a discussion here recently concerning the measurement of bulk piracetam. I mentioned that both BNís and NPís bottles indicated a density of 2.8 grams/teaspoon. Itís actually much higher. After taking repeated samples and applying proper statistical sampling procedures, I came up with a mean density of 4.67 grams/teaspoon. This applies to a level, packed (tamped), struck-off teaspoon of powder in which all the clumps have been broken up. You might want to consider getting a scale instead of measuring by volume. A good scale capable measuring in hundredths of a gram can be had for about $15 on Theyíre very accurate and very inexpensive now.

  4. We do have scales to measure for the density. Also crystalline and fluffy powders tend to have different densities. Something like leucine can be 400mg per 1/4tsp. Fitting 1.2g per 1/4tsp is pretty high; I haven't worked with Piracetam but even packed that's pretty dense. If you are really concerned about the density measurement supplied you can always email us and we can re-weight the powder.

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