"Clearly" the LOWEST PRICE on Clear Shot Concentrate!!

  1. "Clearly" the LOWEST PRICE on Clear Shot Concentrate!!

    Buy More & SAVE!!!

    For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, pick up multiple units of E-Pharm's "Cutting-Edge" Clear Shot Concentrate (16oz) and SAVE BIG BUCKS!!!

    • 1 Unit = $24.95 (38% OFF!)
    • 2 Units = $22.50 (44% OFF!)
    • 3+ Units = $19.99 (50% OFF!) (BEST VALUE!!!)

    **Sale prices will be reflected in your shopping cart.

    [IMG]http://www.****************/photos/16177/clearshot_concentrate_medium.j peg[/IMG]

    E-Pharm's ClearShot Concentrate: Feel The Burn!
    This is E-pharm clearshot concentrate. We have taken the original ergopharm clearshot and removed 66.6% of the water. The result is an absolutely insane energy shot that only absolutely insane people would dare to drink straight. Less insane people will simply dilute it with two parts water to give an authentic original clearshot. So the question is, how insane are you?
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  2. Definitely worth picking up a few to give them a try. There's lots of people that swear by this stuff for energy and focus.

  3. i have a bottle on its way just now should get it mon/tues. silly customs holding up my package again lol
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