Tight Hardcore out of stock

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    Tight Hardcore out of stock

    Gents, any idea when or if a shipment of San's Tight hardcore will be coming in?

  2. We apologize for any inconvenience, as we appreciate your patience. This product was not set to allow oversell, because of a previous manufacturing issue. Though, I did receive confirmation that the product is now back in stock at all distibutors. Therefore, the product is now available for purchase again, at ONLY $31.95!!

    Pharmaceutical Grade Strenght Fat Loss Technology!

    If we were going to engineer the world's most perfect fat burner, what would we want it to do? The simple answer is burn fat, but let's dig a little deeper.

    How About this?
    • Increase the metabolism safely and naturally.
    • Force stubborn fat to be released and utilized as the preferred source of Energy.
    • Burn fat at the fastest possible rate.
    • Protect muscle tissue from catabolism.
    • Decrease appetite to prevent overeating.
    • Increase Energy levels.
    • Stimulate thermogenic/lipotropic effects as well as anti-catabolic/anabolic effects...
    • Resulting in the muscular, shredded physique you've been working so hard for and deserve

    That list of incredible actions and benefits is a winning combination and is delivered in Tight Hardcore by SAN, the newest and most amazing combination of the world's most powerful thermogenic compounds ever assembled. Tight Hardcore addresses and solves the problems of short-term and long-term fat loss with its multi-tasking approach. SAN has consistently led the way in discovering and implementing the newest and most innovative methods of attacking fat loss. Tight Hardcore is no exception. The bar for ultimate fat loss has just been raised and you, now, have access to the gold standard.

    Why is Tight Hardcore so special and how does it work its "fat annihilating" magic? There is solid research and science supporting the amazing recipe of pharmaceutical grade compounds (exceeding 96% purity) that comprise this incredible new breakthrough in fat loss technology. SAN Tight Hardcore's formulation makes it the undisputed champion in the battle for fat loss supremacy. But it's critical to realize that simply assembling a supergroup of thermogenic compounds doesn't guarantee success. All of the ingredients have a purity level greater than 96%, which is unheard of, and unrivaled in this industry. Most other supplements commonly incorporate inferior herb extracts of questionable purity.

    With SAN's Tight Hardcore, you benefit from the most scientifically advanced formulation and ingredients of the highest purity level and bioavailability. That translates into the most rapid and severe assault on fat burning ever. In addition, the implementation of the most technologically advanced Nano Dissolution Delivery System (NDDS) guarantees maximal absorption, assimilation and, most importantly, fat loss results from using Tight Hardcore.
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No Problems....NutraPlanet.com!....Welcome to our World!

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