1,3 dimethylamylamine

  1. 1,3 dimethylamylamine

    I'm interested in buying the dimethylamylamine (1 gram), but in what form does it come in? Caps? Baggy?

  2. Comes in a small bag

    very fine powder, 1 gram is extremely small amount and difficult to dose properly. Someone suggested dissolving in water and dosing it that way.

  3. As rottie said, it will come in a little plastic black bag. Dosing is indeed difficult; we offer it capped

  4. If you dont have a scale, you really should be looking at caps.

    Or, if you trsut yourself with using a little math and common sense, you can dump 1gram into 50ml of a solvent...not sure what this will dissolve in, not that it has to dissolve completely.

    This will yield 20mg of active for every 1ml. Get an oral syringe from the local drugstore and dose accordingly.

  5. + 1

    I used an old Ancillary bottle from ChemOne.

    Each dropper was about 15 mgs or so.

    It taste God Awful though.

  6. I may go ahead and put 1 gram into ~60ml of water then distribute into four half oz vials.


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