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question for our customers....

  1. question for our customers....

    We have been contemplating offering the ability for our customers to set up automatic reordering of supplements through NutraPlanet. Let us know what you think about such a service.

  2. I would not use it simply due to the dynamics of my life and finances. Example, I deploy and have orders going to my home, I get hit hard for $$$ for wife's tuition etc and can't cover it and so on. I would simply rather order when I need it. Nothing in my life is scheduled enough to schedule anything if that makes sense. Glad to see that NP is still always looking for ways to best serve us though.
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  3. i'd use it for staples like creatine, whey, and stoked. the hard part is figuring out how often to autoship. i have no clue how long it takes to run through 10lbs whey.

  4. You would have to keep NOW ADAM, Alphasorb-C 1000, and a couple others all in stock otherwise it wouldn't work.

  5. No, I wouldn't use this either. I shop around and like to find the best deals. Auto-reordering locks you into one supplier. Good for you, not good for me...



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