Tracking Number Not Working

  1. Tracking Number Not Working

    I placed an order last week (Thur., Oct. 15th) we used one of my wife's credit cards. Anyway, I got an E-mail on Fri. of last week saying it was shipped. The tracking number is: 02927000034305000953. However, this tracking number does not show up in FedEx's system. When I called them thay had no info on this tracking number, nor was ANY package going to my address. My order number is: 116884.

    The order is under my wife's name.

    Could you please get back with me either here or at the E-mail you have for us,




  2. What happen?

  3. Get in your time machine and go back to 2009 to find your answer.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JVee63 View Post
    Get in your time machine and go back to 2009 to find your answer.
    Anima Vestra
    Anima Vestra




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